17 Nov, 2022

Fostering a diverse cybersecurity workforce in organizations


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Cyberattacks have seen a 28% increase worldwide in Q3 2022. Are organizations equipped with the tools to counter this trend

Data revealed by Check Point Research show that in the third quarter of 2022 there were already 28% more cyber attacks on organizations around the world, compared to the second quarter of the year.


The average number of attacks suffered by companies in this period was 1130 attacks, and although the number is significant, there is already a greater preparation and concern of organizations in relation to this issue.


Several industries are being affected by the constant attacks on companies, however, in 2022 it is the education sector that has recorded the most occurrences.


Did you know that the human factor is at the root of 85% of attacks?


The biggest gateway to a possible cyberattack is people, it only takes the slightest distraction to open several possibilities for an invader. It is for this very reason that we must ensure that teams are trained and prepared to understand phishing attempts or possible attacks.


Our people are our best and most effective tool against cybercrime. A diverse workforce brings a wide range of strategies and perspectives that empower any organization to identify and eradicate potential threats before they become enterprise-wide events.


Having teams from different areas prepared to identify potential threats is a great start for companies that do not yet have fully defined security strategies in place.


Invest in qualified training for your assets and ensure that your IT teams truly understand the different types of threats while finding the most robust solutions to respond immediately.


Alongside safe behavior, it is crucial to keep devices up to date in terms of software and security features, ensuring the same level of protection.


Taking into account that cybercrime is a trend that is expected to continue in the future, the importance of cybersecurity in the corporate context is supported through knowledge of the impact of cyberattacks on organizational "health", its employees, as well as the sector in which they operate.


ARMIS IT is a company with extensive know-how in the development and implementation of security solutions, providing a complete offering, from consulting services to the implementation of highly complex solutions.


Count on us to help your organization on the path of cybersecurity.

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