26 okt, 2022

European Cybersecurity Month: How to empower organizations' Security


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Never has the subject of Cybersecurity been so relevant as it is today. The news about cyber attacks on large companies all over the world keep coming, and Portugal is no exception. More than ever, it's important to talk about the best ways to protect your company.

The upward trend in the volume of cybersecurity incidents and cybercrimes in Portugal continues to be increasing in the portuguese cyberspace. Whether through phishing attempts, ransomware or fraud, vulnerabilities and accounts continue to be exploited, totaling an increase of about 26% compared to 2020.


As it was possible to verify in the Portuguese context, between 2021 and 2022 large national companies were the target of attack, whose cyber attacks put into question relevant and personal data and information of thousands of individuals. It appears that the brands most simulated in the attacks are from Banking (48% of the cases), Transport and Logistics (21%) and e-mail platforms (19%), according to data from the National Center for Cybersecurity.


Considering that this is a trend that should continue in the future, the importance of cybersecurity in the corporate context is supported through knowledge of the impact of cyberattacks on organizational "health", its employees, as well as the sector in which they operate.



Is your company protected against cybercrime?


Considering that every 39 seconds there is a cyberattack, according to the Clark School study at the University of Maryland, the approach to security should be proactive and not reactive, in order to avoid problems instead of solving them.


Here are the opinions and tips of Francisco Falcão, Head of Identity & Security at ARMIS IT and expert in cybersecurity.






How important is it to implement a cybersecurity strategy?


Although the perceived risk of any entity suffering a cybersecurity incident has increased to 98% of respondents in the 2021 National Cybersecurity Center's annual survey, it is essential to apply practical, efficient and concise measures in the organizational context.


In this video, we present you the main tips from our CTO, Rui Costa, who has more than 17 years of experience in cybersecurity:






Did you know that the human factor is at the origin of 85% of the attacks?


Because it only takes a small distraction to open the door to an attacker, everyone must take responsibility in managing their access. Along with a safe behavior, it is crucial to keep the devices updated in terms of software and security features, ensuring the same level of protection.

Watch now the talk "The new era of Cybersecurity", organized by Observador Lab, with the participation of Rui Costa:





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Count on us in your cybersecurity journey.

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