28 feb, 2024

Discover the solution to the challenge of corporate parking in large cities


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Workplace Hub offers a solution to the challenge of parking in large cities with efficient management of workspaces and parking spaces.

The search for parking spaces in major urban centers represents a growing challenge for companies and employees. Heavy traffic, lack of space, and exorbitant parking costs negatively affect productivity, employee well-being, and business outcomes.


In the context of hybrid work, which has become a post-pandemic reality, efficient management of workspaces and parking spaces becomes even more important. Traditional solutions, such as relocating offices, coworking spaces, private parking lots, and subsidies, can be inefficient and costly.


In this scenario, technology emerges as a powerful ally to solve these problems. Workplace Hub is an innovative platform that offers a comprehensive solution for workspace management, including parking spaces.


Through three main modules, Workplace Hub optimizes company resource utilization, providing various benefits:


Workspace reservation:

  • Employees can pre-book the workspace that best suits their needs, optimizing time and productivity.
  • Workspace selection can be based on daily activities, promoting a more dynamic and personalized work environment.
  • Companies can optimize office occupancy, reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.


Meeting Room Reservation:

  • The meeting room booking process is streamlined, avoiding scheduling conflicts and surprises.
  • The platform ensures room availability and necessary resources for each meeting, optimizing company time and resources.
  • Workplace Hub offers various room options for different types of meetings, considering the spaces provided by the company.


Parking Space Reservation:

  • Employees can pre-book parking spaces, ensuring peace of mind and punctuality.
  • Companies can optimize the use of available spaces, reducing the need to hire additional spaces or use external parking lots.
  • The platform ensures vehicle security and facilitates parking access control.
  • Management of charging stations for hybrid or electric cars by organizations, ensuring peace of mind for employees.


Workplace Hub goes beyond convenience and resource optimization, offering strategic benefits for companies such as:


  • Increased productivity: The organization and planning provided by Workplace Hub contribute to a more efficient and productive work environment.
  • Employee engagement: The platform facilitates communication, collaboration, and employee well-being, positively impacting organizational climate.
  • Strengthening of organizational culture: Workplace Hub reinforces employees' sense of belonging and engagement.
  • Flexibility for hybrid work: The platform adapts to the needs of remote and hybrid work, facilitating workspace management and promoting equity among employees.
  • Cost reduction: Workplace Hub helps reduce infrastructure, maintenance, parking, and other resource costs.



Discover and experience the solution that will revolutionize how you manage your workspaces!





Horácio Ferreira | Chief Strategy Officer ARMIS BRASIL


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