15 mrt, 2023

Security Operations by Design: Cloud Security and Threat Protection


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The way we work has changed radically in the context in which we live today. Mobility paradigms had to be quickly adopted by organizations, due to the current constraints.

For organizations, this change has brought increased challenges in terms of security as, without being fully prepared, they had to start performing their activities remotely.


The importance of implementing mechanisms that ensure that all corporate information is conveniently protected was leveraged by this context, which led many companies to rethink their way of working, not forgetting the security component.


Defining a strategy where security is a key pillar, is not always simple, especially when the scenario of a company is completely on-prem, but the cloud has come to help a lot in this transition process.


At ARMIS, we always address the security component with various workloads, but the 3 main pillars that we consider from a Security Operations by Design perspective are Identity Protection, Data Protection and Device Protection.



How can adopting a hybrid environment protect an organization?


Hybrid Identity concepts allow us to have an additional layer of protection that is not possible in on-prem scenarios. Multi Factor Authentication platforms associated with risky logins or outside normal access patterns are common scenarios that can be implemented very quickly with these technologies.


Protection of confidential company information through Information Protection are simple scenarios to implement both in terms of rollout and user experience. In this component, we can address this issue in two ways, both in information encryption and tracking and in Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


It is very complex to guarantee that confidential information is kept in a controllable scenario, without resorting to information encryption. There are many ways to send a file out of an organization, however, if it is encrypted or cataloged we can very easily check who opened it or who tried to open it. With a Data Loss Prevention scenario, we can apply certain actions to that information, such as blocking the emailing of a confidential file to an email address outside the organization.



Protect your assets in the Cloud


Regarding device protection, in a Cloud environment it is possible to ensure that organizational information can only be accessed on devices that ensure a minimum level of security criteria. Through Mobile Device Management (MDM) we can implement, for example, that a document can only be accessed if a cell phone or tablet has a 6-digit numeric unlock code, or if the device has a certain minimum operating system version.


We were also able to empower the organization with defense mechanisms that prevent a corporate file from being shared to a personal cloud, or outside the organization.


Mobile Application Management allows corporate information to only be accessed by a set of authorized applications on the devices, or even that the content cannot be replicated to another application.



Is it possible to manage the risk that organizations are exposed to?


It is crucial that we pay attention to the monitoring of these mechanisms, whether it is manual or automated. Cloud event monitoring tools are indispensable in threat scenarios and enable us to supervise how information as a whole is being accessed.


One of the great advantages of using cloud tools is that, besides being transformative and accessible to most organizations, they allow thousands of actions and users to be analyzed, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing the evaluation of non-standard behavior and the detection of risks and threats. Nowadays, security in an organization is central and should be approached as an on-going issue and not just in a certain time frame. With the use of cloud tools, this whole operation is simplified.



We are in an age of transformation. As the landscape changes, your security solutions must respond effectively to the challenges that threats bring.



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Francisco Falcão | Head of Identity and Security


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