31 mrt, 2022

Security and agility: Euronext workspace management through Workplace HUB


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Implemented by ARMIS Information Technology, the Workplace HUB has improved the convenience of controlling workspaces for Euronext.

Euronext, a European organization with a strong global presence, now benefits from a platform that makes managing workplaces in its offices in Dublin and Milan simple, agile, and secure.


The Workplace HUB, a solution that makes it possible to digitize building plans and reorganize workstations according to health recommendations, was developed and implemented in Euronext's branding and tailored to its needs, solving workspace management for Human Resources teams.


In an automated and traceable way, it is possible to manage all the workstations in the different offices of the organization, monitoring flows of people for the proper functioning of the spaces and identifying possible sources of Covid-19 infection.


ARMIS Information Technology has developed, along with the web application integrated with Microsoft Teams, a mobile app that allows employees to check-in to buildings automatically by scanning a QRCode, or check-in manually in the application.


This is the potential of technology innovating for safety and health in corporate environments.


Download now the Case Study here.

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