18 feb, 2022

The Future of Intelligent Mobility and Infrastructures in Portugal: ITS Portugal Conference


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The Conference will provide a reflection on Future Mobility Opportunities and on Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Infrastructure.

In partnership with Vieira de Almeida (VdA), ITS Portugal is organizing the Conference ‘The Future of Mobility and Intelligent Infrastructures in Portugal’, which will be held on February 24th.


Driven by digitalization, automation, and connectivity, the landscape of land-based road mobility is transforming.


Vehicles are becoming not only connected, but also autonomous and evolving from a commodity to a service. Infrastructures are increasingly intelligent and an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT). New forms of road mobility are a central instrument for the digital and green transition, contributing to greater safety, accessibility and sustainability, as well as to the sharing economy.


In this context, the Conference will provide a reflection on Future Mobility Opportunities, on Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Infrastructures, bringing together national and international speakers, such as Pedro Barradas, ARMIS ITS CSO and President of ITS Portugal, Matthew Baldwin from DG MOVE, Angelos Amditis and Joost Vantomme from ERTICO - ITS EUROPE and Manfred Harrer and Torsten Geißler from ERTRAC - European Road Transport Research Advisory Council. 


Know more about the event here.

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