13 nov, 2023

ARMIS at NAPCORE Mobility Data Days


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ARMIS ITS was in Budapest from November 7 to 9 for the NAPCORE Mobility Data Days, an event co-financed by Hungarian Public Roads and the European Union.

This meeting brought together more than 200 international participants to attend various interactive sessions to share experiences and knowledge, as well as networking moments.


The first day of the event was marked by the CAT Meeting (Core Alignment Team) and strategic sessions, attended by Pedro Barradas, CSO of ARMIS ITS and João Montenegro.


On November 8, the ARMIS ITS team took part in the session 'NAP Reference Architecture for harmonization of European NAPs', with the participation of André Rehberg, who presented the report "An updated list of requirements concerning (the use of) data standards, reference profiles and metadata to be handed over to subWGs on standardization and/or standardization organizations", which promotes interoperability between NAPs and its importance for the NAP Reference Architecture and consists of an analysis of mobility data exchange standards and NAPs in operation in the EU. In the session 'Improving National Access Point interoperability through harmonization of their Level of Service', João Montenegro addressed the concept developed within the scope of NAPCORE to classify the level of services of NAPs, as well as initial ideas on the current gaps in relation to the EU benchmark.


Lastly, on November 9, Lígia Conceição presented the session 'Cooperation agreement between NAPCORE and C-Roads and how the two ecosystems (NAP and C-ITS) relate to each other' and Sara Linhas addressed the topic of 'Interoperability Demonstrators & European Access Point(s)'.

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