06 sep, 2023

Lígia Conceição presents article at Euro Working Group on Transportation (EWGT) 2023 conference


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The conference of the Euro Working Group on Transportation will mark its 25th edition in 2023, from September 6 to 8 at the University of Cantabria, Santander.

The EWGT conference is focused on various topics such as Transport Modeling and Control, Planning and Operation, Transport Economics and Policy, and Innovative and Sustainable Solutions.


From the coordination and management of C-ITS implementations in urban environments, as part of the ARMIS work carried out in WG4 of the C-Roads Platform, one of the results was presented at EWGT by Lígia Conceição, Senior ITS Consultant at ARMIS ITS.


The article entitled “C-ITS Services in Urban Environments: European State of Practice” was carried out under the scope of the C-Roads Platforms. Its goal is to produce an overview of the general scenario of C-ITS development across European urban environments, aiming to better understand the challenges, technological preferences and policy strategies during C-ITS urban deployment. With that purpose, 35 cities were sought through a questionnaire to provide information regarding several aspects, such as city identification and characterization, specifications followed, communication plans and stage of development. In addition to that, the cities were asked to assess the importance and expectations concerning the benefits that would come from the implementation of the C-ITS policies. Results showed that the cities are strongly diverse in terms of road network design, and technological infrastructure and, consequently, experience different policy goals and C-ITS stages of maturity. The outcomes from this paper may support further research studies concerning the strategy behind C-ITS urban deployment and its relation to the city policy goals as well as the benefits of C-ITS systems.


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