12 mei, 2022

Domain Consolidation for one of the largest retail organizations in Brazil


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Practicality and Cybersecurity are the key to an innovative and efficient domain consolidation.

ARMIS Group Brazil worked together with Via on a relevant project for the Consolidation of Domains of the organization. Via is one of the main organizations in the retail sector, owner of several brands that are emblematic in the daily lives of Brazilians. In all, there are more than 1000 stores, with about 46 thousand employees and 97 million customers.  


It was facing a process of new business acquisition that emerged in Via the need to perform a domain consolidation that was automated and secure for such a large network of collaborators. It was necessary to perform a merger of structures, maintaining user accounts, passwords, e-mail history, and access to different applications. 


For the domain migration to happen in an agile, automated and large-scale way, a self-service portal was created in which the users themselves could choose the best time to perform the migration of their account. This portal was custom-made and in accordance with Via's visual identity, meeting the needs of this technological challenge. 

ARMIS has contributed to a much more agile, secure, automated migration, and has provided a good experience for users, who have not had to commit large numbers of man-hours to the migration. 


Want to know more about this success story of ARMIS Brazil? Click here and access the Case Study. 


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