08 mrt, 2023

Pedro Barradas is part of the jury for the 'Cities & Territories of the Future' Award


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The initiative aims to distinguish projects 'made in Portugal', based on technology, which promote the construction of cities and territories of the future.

APDC launched, through its Healthy and Sustainable Cities Section, the 2nd edition of the 'Cities & Territories of the Future' Award, a competition that aims to recognize pioneering projects, ideas and strategies that make cities more livable, sustainable and economically viable.


All projects must be supported by technological innovations that promote the optimization of resources and a more innovative and effective planning, delivery and control of urban services, in order to enhance the sustainability of the economy, society and the environment.


Pedro Barradas, CSO of ARMIS ITS, is part of the jury for the Mobility and Logistics category, which is one of 7 categories: Relationship with Citizens and Participation; Qualifications; Sustainability, Circular Economy and Decarbonization; Equality and Inclusion; Health and Wellness; Mobility and Logistics and Economic Development.


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