08 okt, 2021



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BIN@PORTO 2021 brings society, circularity, health and well-being as pillars for human-centered innovation

On October 25, 26 and 27 ARMIS ITS will be one of the companies represented at BIN@PORTO 2021, under the slogan "Human-centered innovation". This is an international event that seeks to connect world representatives of universities, science and technology parks, incubators, technology-based companies, investors and many other interested parties.


Following the program, on October 26th at 10H (Portugal Time), Pedro Barradas, ARMIS ITS CSO, will participate in the session 'Mobility Trends: Seamless Mass/MaaS Transit'.


The sessions are planned to take place physically and free of charge, with prior registration only required. The event will take place at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and at the U.PORTO Technology Park (UPTEC).


The Business & Innovation Network (BIN@) is an international network of academic and industrial partners focused on providing support for the creation of sustainable systems to share best practices and opportunities in innovation.


Come with ARMIS and enjoy this moment of exchange of experiences and innovation in building a better future.


For more information and registration click here.

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