16 mei, 2024

ARMIS was at the GSIC São Paulo Groundbreakers Meetup


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ARMIS was present at the São Paulo Groundbreakers Meetup in Brazil, represented by CEO Nuno Antunes.

The event took place on May 9 at the Microsoft Office in São Paulo and brought together influential figures from the sports industries around the world to discuss innovative solutions and strategies for advancing technology and infrastructure in this area.  


Aimed at sharing challenges and innovative solutions and building meaningful connections within the sports industry, this meeting is a unique opportunity to network, collaborate and engage with industry leaders. 


Part of the International Sports Groundbreakers Challenge, a pioneering program aimed at tackling real business challenges in the sports and fitness industry created by the GSIC - Global Sports Innovation Center in 2022, this event is a global call for technological and innovative advances in sport. 


The meeting was supported by renowned organizations such as Microsoft Sportian and sports regulators. 

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