19 apr, 2024

ARMIS obtained Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Specialization


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It is with a great sense of achievement that ARMIS announces the third Microsoft specialization obtained, this time in Adoption and Change Management.

ARMIS has now added a third Specialization to its portfolio and long-standing partnership with Microsoft, this time in Adoption and Change Management. This certification recognizes our experience in helping our clients transform their businesses through the best collaboration and productivity tools, such as those offered by Microsoft 365. 


The Adoption and Change Management Specialization is a certification that rewards partners who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and proven success in Microsoft 365 adoption and organizational change. It has been shown that customers are 6 times more likely to achieve or exceed their business objectives when they have effective change management, so it is essential that their partners help them in this process to increase the flow of change and provide more value. 


Marta Almeida, Chief Business Development Officer at ARMIS, tells us that "this specialization further demonstrates the in-depth knowledge of our teams and our vast experience and proven success in implementing Microsoft 365 technologies in organizational change. Above all, we are committed to high quality standards and the ability to lead our customers in the successful implementation of organizational change." 


ARMIS is a Microsoft Solution Partner for Modern Work and Security and recently achieved the Security Specialization in Identity and Access Management, as well as Microsoft Threat Protection. 

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