07 jul, 2023

ARMIS participates in Webinar on GPDER project


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On June 29th the webinar about the GPDER project, of which ARMIS is an integral part, took place.

The GPDER+ project (Grid's Predictive Management Considering Distributed Energy Resources) aims to research and develop a SCADA/DMS system dedicated to Predictive Management of the Distribution Network (high and medium voltage) and a Demand Response Management System (DRMS) platform that allows the implementation of new business models for the Management of Distributed Energy Resources operated by different entities (eg aggregators, retailers, consumer cooperatives). 


The project has major entities as promoters, such as Efacec Energia - Máquinas e Equipamentos Eléctricos S.A, INESC TEC, PH ENERGIA, LDA., and ARMIS. On June 29th, at 14h30 the promoters got together for an exclusive webinar where several topics regarding the architecture and integrations of the developed solution will be discussed. 


The innovative and differentiating character of the GPDER+ solution stems from the proposed development logic - Predictive Management of Distribution Networks, considering the modeling of the uncertainty associated with renewable energy sources, ensuring interoperability between the systems of the Distribution Network Operator and new business models dedicated to the management of distributed electrical resources. 


The scope of ARMIS' participation focuses on the distributed computing and processing of large volumes of data incorporated in the "Forecast" module, with room for participation in the investigation of solutions and technologies on the market, particularly open-source solutions for data processing to select a technology that best suits the needs of GPDER+. 

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