18 aug, 2021

Teams as a Platform - Integration with Power Platform


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With more than 75 million daily active users and new hybrid working models, companies and their employees have already become familiar with the power of Microsoft Teams.

The collaborative application allows quick and easy contact between teams, as well as file storage, chats, and meetings over long distances.


A new feature arrived last year, and Microsoft Teams now has integration with Power Platform.


With Power Platform it is possible to build custom apps for any organization through Power Apps; analyze data by creating dashboards with Power BI; automate organizational processes based on Power Automate; create chatbots supported by Power Virtual Agents; among other functions according to the company's reality.


The Power Platform toolset brings Low-Code solutions for high-efficiency results. This is because Power Apps, for example, benefit from reduced cost, high adaptability, and a good user experience.


When we talk about Power BI, we bring all the intelligence of technology so that decision-makers can make decisions based on the data available in the dashboards. The dynamic and interactive graphics provide a unique experience in cross-referencing and analyzing data.


When dealing with Power Automate, we consider the agility in the employees' day-to-day, creating automatic workflows. Thus, employees can focus on what is most strategic to the company, optimizing their time.


Talking about intelligent Chatbots, it is possible to integrate them with agile interfaces and provide complete answers, from Power Virtual Agents. The creation of virtual agents advances the clarification of recurring questions from employees.


In this way, the integration between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power Platform allowed users to take advantage of Power Platform's benefits without ever leaving the Teams interface.


Going beyond the simple integration of a certain product with Teams, we now see the rise of a model in which applications are built specifically to be used in Teams, benefiting from low-code tools such as Power Apps.


This association of platforms has brought even more relevance to Teams as a solution designed for team integration and collaborative work, making it, in fact, a complete tool for those seeking agility and integration in day-to-day business.


Therefore, with the technologies presented, it is easy to promote efficiency and automated processes according to the reality of your business. Rely on ARMIS’ experts for the development of solutions that contribute to an agile and modern working environment.


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