31 mrt, 2023

How to implement a Cybersmart strategy in your organization


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Discover new solutions to protect your data and your customer's data with ARMIS.

We know that keeping our data and the data of an entire organization secure is an exhaustive process and requires a lot of effort from the entire infrastructure.

With this reality in mind, we have developed some materials that can help any organization to implement security strategies and be "Cybersmart".


Cybersecurity Journey


In this infographic, you will discover how to start your organization's cybersecurity journey, where you should start, and how to create a cybersecurity culture in your company.

Click here to download and learn about some of the essential tools to protect your data.


Security Operation Center - What can a SOC do for your organization?


Having a Security Operation Center elevates the organization's security and ability to protect itself.

Through a service like this, your organization can count on a team focused on monitoring, predicting, solving, and preventing threats.

Find out in this white paper how a SOC can advance your organization's security and efficiently protect your entire infrastructure.



Security Gaps: Is your organization aware of them all?

Some gaps are real gateways to attacks and since threats are increasingly frequent we must understand what the main points of failure are and how each organization should defend itself.

Rui Costa, CTO of ARMIS, tells you more about this subject and explains which strategies to implement.


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