04 apr, 2020

The new reality of the return to the office


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After several weeks in confinement, and although a large part of the organizations are still teleworking, it is time for them to prepare the return of their employees to their offices.

What we are all already aware of is that the physical spaces of organizations will now be quite different from what we were used to and a panoply of new rules and procedures will accompany this path of deconfinement, respecting the distances and recommended practices.


Safeguarding the safety and health of all employees and partners is now a top priority for all organizations, and that's why this return implies a thoughtful and preventive preparation, so that everyone's well-being is assured.


This preparation includes new guidelines such as the number of people who may be working in an enclosed space at the same time, the spacing between workstations, new norms in the use of bathrooms and pantries/canteens, adoption of staggered schedules to minimize the number of people in the same physical space, avoiding small crowds and ensuring minimum safety distances.


There are many details to pay attention to in this return. To facilitate the management of spaces, we developed the Workplace HUB, an intelligent solution that aims to streamline the processes of defining workstations, allowing the configuration of building plans in the back-office, the reservation of places by employees and their monitoring by HR or contingency teams.


Adapting to a new reality can be a challenge, but the creation of appropriate solutions can make this new normality, to which we will all have to adjust, a little easier.





With Workplace Hub, any organization can easily manage its physical space and plan workstations by reconfiguring floor layouts and defining available places for its employees. In addition to this functionality, Human Resources or Contingency teams can, through this tool, allow the booking of workstations and approve them, to avoid unnecessary travel between rooms, floors or buildings.


The solution developed by ARMIS also facilitates the creation of traceability reports, allowing the monitoring of flows of people for the proper functioning of spaces and identification of possible sources of contagion.


Maintaining the connection between employees and organization, enabling a balanced and safe return to work was the basis for the development of this application, which enables each company to digitize the process of reorganizing workplaces in order to return to their usual activity and production as soon as possible and adapt to their new normality.

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