13 Mar, 2024

Vinhedo, a smart city: how the Brazilian city improved mobility management with DRIVE 3.0


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The use of technology in smart cities has been increasingly prevalent, aiming to optimize services and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

After a market analysis, the city of Vinhedo chose ARMIS and its product DRIVE 3.0 to implement in its mobility management. 


ARMIS is a cutting-edge company in the field of smart mobility and a reference in Portugal and Europe. The technology company developed DRIVE, an advanced traffic monitoring and control system that uses state-of-the-art technology to improve traffic flow and ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. 


The city of Vinhedo faced challenges in mobility management before implementing this new system. However, its main focus was to become a sustainable and safe city, which drove investment in an efficient and modern technological solution. With the implementation of DRIVE 3.0, it became possible to monitor traffic in real-time, as well as improve the management of traffic lights and vehicle flows during peak periods. Additionally, the system allowed the development of the ability to regulate vehicle speed in critical areas such as schools and hospitals, contributing to the reduction of accidents and reinforcing pedestrian safety. 


In this process, the following modules of the DRIVE platform were implemented: 

  • Interactive Viewer, for providing information in a geographical environment; 
  • Traffic Surveillance, for equipment operation; 
  • Technical Supervision, to monitor and track system alarms; 
  • Incident Management/Work Management, for event and incident management; 
  • Data Analysis, for statistical analysis of information and reporting; 
  • Administration, for global system administration. 


The Interactive Viewer is the main module used by the client, with a dedicated and always visible map. The departments involved use this module to have a real-time view of all elements to monitor, such as equipment (radars, parking meters, traffic lights, etc.), public transport (real-time bus location), and incidents (created in the DRIVE platform or from Waze or InfoSiga). 


Data Analysis is another of the most used modules, where it is possible to visualize and export, for example, monthly information on traffic volume data or revenue values collected by parking meters. 


The maximum duration of the project methodology was 60 months, divided into three phases: 

  • Initial implementation and availability of the Base Drive Platform for application module development (2 months), 
  • Integration of equipment, new services, or functionalities in Agile methodology (10 months), 
  • Planned evolutionary maintenance for 4 years. 


The implementation of DRIVE 3.0 allowed Vinhedo City Hall to launch a modern digital traffic management and security system, which greatly improves urban mobility management. The implemented solution allowed for the rapid availability of basic traffic management and citizen support scenarios, as well as integration with online platforms such as Infosiga. After implementing the new solution, the city of Vinhedo achieved a modern, innovative, and secure command and control center. 


Vinhedo, besides being elected as the safest city in Brazil and one of the smartest, is a national reference on how technology can be efficiently used to improve urban mobility management


The implementation of this ARMIS product was essential to the project's success, allowing the city to become safer, more efficient, and modern, serving as a foundation for future scalable and continuous improvement evolutions.


Vinhedo's success story serves as inspiration for other Brazilian cities, which can use advanced technological solutions to solve urban mobility challenges. 


Now, take a look at our case study, directly from the Vinhedo control center, and understand how the DRIVE 3.0 system operates. 



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