23 nov, 2021

ARMIS Benelux joins the symposium 'Responsible organising in a digital age'


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The event aims to generate results for organizations, researchers, and ultimately society.

On November 25th, Jorge Sousa, CSO of ARMIS Benelux and Rui Costa, CTO of ARMIS will attend the symposium 'Responsible organising in a digital age', in the Netherlands.


The event will bring together several companies in a round table, including ARMIS Benelux, Municipality of Nijmegen, RIVM, Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), Ford and Capgemini, who will present their honest, inspiring, and intriguing challenges that arise from digitalization.


ARMIS will present its extended offering of decision support services and predictive solutions through Artificial Intelligence, as well as the challenges of innovating with complexity and quality while maintaining high levels of excellence.


The symposium is organized by Radboud University, considered one of the best universities in the Netherlands.


Learn more about the event here.

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