09 mrt, 2021

Patch Tuesday Webinar: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint by ARMIS


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A Microsoft Cybersecurity knowledge update.

Every 2nd Tuesday of each month, Microsoft Portugal, together with its partners, offers a virtual session on a Cybersecurity theme, in a knowledge journey from September 2020 to June 2021.


The topics covered are aimed at roles related to Security, Compliance and Risk Management, but anyone can attend under prior registration for each session. This Webinar cycle aims to provide a Microsoft Cybersecurity knowledge update to the attendees.


On March 9, ARMIS, as a Microsoft partner, presented the session "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Advanced security on your organization's devices".


Throughout the session, Fábio Vítor teaches how to prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats on endpoints (Windows 10, Windows Server, macOS, Linux) with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.


Through the composition between anomalous behavior signals, global security big-data analysis, and research from Microsoft and its partners on the latest threats, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an essential solution to combat sophisticated attacks.



ARMIS, will also present the session "Microsoft Cloud App Security”, on June 8. Sign up now!



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