03 mrt, 2022

ARMIS is now ISO 27001 certified for Information Security


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ISO 27001 is the international standard and reference for information security management and ARMIS is now a certified company in this field.

Millions of entities worldwide use the practices documented in the Standard ISO 27001 and enjoy the benefits of adopting this standard. Thus, certified entities are able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements and processes contained in the standard, through the adoption of a set of requirements, processes and controls in order to mitigate and adequately manage the organization's risk.


ISO 27001 guarantees compliance with the established principles, thus providing organizations' customers and partners with an extra level of comfort when it comes to Information Security. Organizations that adopt and become certified to this standard attach special importance to information protection and demonstrate this through certification.


With a focus on the quality of our services and on the methodologies implemented internally, we guarantee our customers and partners the best approach to data, valuing total information security.


Get to know our strategic guidelines of the Information Security Policy here.

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