14 jun, 2023

'In The Corridors Of... ARMIS' by Porto Tech Hub


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We once again opened the doors of ARMIS' headquarters for another edition of the 'In The Corridors Of... ARMIS' feature of our associate Porto Tech Hub.

Porto Tech Hub (PTH) is a non-profit association of technology companies that aims to promote and develop Porto as a global technology hub of excellence, with a view to exploring how technology can be used to develop individuals, businesses and the wider community in Porto.


After the first participation in the 'In The Corridors Of...' in 2019, the second edition has arrived, which demonstrates the growth and expansion of ARMIS with a video of our headquarters. As Nuno Antunes, CEO of ARMIS, says in the interview: "Although we are an international company, we are a company very attached to its roots and ours are in Porto. Hence, our association to Porto Tech Hub was quite natural for us. We integrate talent from the SWitCH program and share knowledge and opportunities with the other associates."


Learn more about our business areas, partnerships and association to PTH:


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