15 feb, 2022

Escoita App debuts in UEFA Youth League match


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The application, which promotes inclusion and accessibility in sports, was launched in the match between Deportivo and Dynamo Kiev, in A Coruña.

The App Escoita, idealized by Jesus Suarez Lopez and developed in partnership with ARMIS Digital Sport, allows real-time monitoring of sports events for blind or visually impaired people, through the narration and listening to games and competitions, of several sports, ensuring a true experience in the field or on the court.


The app broadcast its first event on February 9, in the UEFA Youth League match between Deportivo La Coruña and Dynamo Kiev, which took place in A Coruña, at the Riazor Stadium, and ended with Dynamo Kiev winning in penalties by 3-2.


In addition to its inclusive nature and its role in accessibility, the Escoita App's main mission is to bring these fans back to the stadiums so that they can feel the energy and live the emotions of a live sports event, regardless of the sport they watch.


The unique feature of the App is that it significantly improves the experience of fans with visual impairment in venues and stadiums, because unlike other platforms such as radio, Escoita delivers content not only in real-time, but with reduced and transparent latency, in order not to harm the fan experience by listening to other people reacting to a moment before receiving the narration.


Escoita facilitates the following of games and sports events from anywhere in the world.


The first broadcast was designed by Jesus Suarez Lopez, with the collaboration of the City Council of A Coruña and the Real Club Deportivo Foundation, and was supported by ONCE, the Galician Association of Telecommunications Engineers, the University of A Coruña and the Faculty of Communication Sciences. 


The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

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