19 jul, 2021

ARMIS DS at Soccerex Connected 100 with the Portuguese Football Federation


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On the 5th of August, ARMIS Digital Sport will present the session "A whole new competition: A simple and quick roadmap through data" at the Soccerex Connected 100 digital event.

The Soccerex Connected 100 international event runs from May 24th to August 31st. Soccerex is providing the sports business community the opportunity to get involved in an unprecedented soccer event, the first of its kind that involves the world's leading soccer figures over several months.


ARMIS Digital Sport will lead the session with the theme 'A whole new competition: A simple and quick roadmap through data' on August 5, 2021. The roundtable will feature Miguel Dias, Chief Strategy Officer of ARMIS DS, and Hugo Freitas, IT Director of the Portuguese Football Federation, who together will carry out the theme of Digital Transformation in soccer.


Throughout the session, the strategic foundation implemented in the Portuguese Football Federation by ARMIS Digital Sport will be addressed, which helped the federation to evolve faster. This success story is based on the implementation and integration of data in all aspects of the business, taking advantage of technology to bring fans together and provide personalized experiences.


You can attend the session by registering here.

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