03 mei, 2022

ARMIS Band will be performing at Rock in Rio 2022


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Our ARMIS Band (Armstice) will be on one of the biggest national stages: Rock in Rio 2022, with the Brands Like Bands Festival.

In the next edition of the Brands Like Bands Festival, ARMIS Band will go further than our dreams: we will perform at Rock in Rio 2022

This will be the 10th edition of the Festival and ARMIS Band (Armstice) will be one of the bands present in this special edition, in Lisbon. 

Brands Like Bands has supported 20 social causes since 2013 and performed 163 concerts, totaling 34,000 in-person spectators. 

On June 25 the stage is ours, at Rock in Rio 2022, with lots of Code, Bugs & Rock n'Roll! 

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