20 okt, 2021

New APP REDUNIQ developed by ARMIS FT supports entrepreneurs in business management


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Tailored for REDUNIQ, the application "Customer Area" allows flexibility, simplicity, and organization in business management.

REDUNIQ has just launched for its customers the new application "Client Area". Developed by ARMIS Financial Technology, the platform allows a businessman to analyze and organize his business with flexibility, simplicity and security.


In times when digital payments are increasingly a reality in the daily lives of consumers, REDUNIQ has brought digitalization not only for banking transactions, but also for business management as a whole.


The new Customer Area can now be accessed through a computer or the mobile app, allowing each user to view all the general and updated information of their business, and see in a simplified way all their contractual data, invoices, manuals, they can also subscribe to a new store or terminal, schedule a commercial visit to one of their stores, order consumables and regularize transactions. Through this tool, businesses also have access to all the financial information such as reviewing transactions, closing by establishment, control of payment machines, and even tax data.


With security as one of the highest priorities, each business using this renewed customer portal will be able to define different access profiles and create different access levels for employees.


REDUNIQ is the largest Portuguese network for accepting domestic and foreign cards and is one of the brands of the financial institution UNICRE. ARMIS FT is proud to deliver such a relevant work, with impact on the daily lives of businessmen and entrepreneurs and that puts technology in favor of modernization and digitalization of the financial industry.

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