22 jun, 2022

ITO Services: Time-to-market talent recruitment


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On the one hand, the rushed tick-tock in the process of digital transformation in companies, with the concern to become more flexible, more competitive, and prepared for innovation. On the other, the shortage of specialized IT professionals. However, with ITO Services, it is fortunately already possible to reconcile these realities.

The pandemic established two trends, which until then had been timidly advancing: telecommuting and collaborative platforms.


Today, the hybrid work model is a reality. When producing in the cloud, it barely matters whether the effort is performed at home or at the company. If the execution of tasks does not require physical presence, numerous logistical and commuting challenges no longer exist. With home-office, goals can be achieved remotely.


Solutions such as Microsoft Teams also seem to be here to stay. Corporate work now relies on tools capable of bringing together geographically distant people, exchanging information, adding efforts, and producing in an integrated manner. Consequently, deliveries are more frequent and assertive. There is no doubt that collaborative production platforms have provided greater quality and productivity.


Today, organizations have great potential to respond effectively to the demands for agile, practical, and cost-effective technological services.


In the virtual world, people are just a click away and, therefore connected, they can work with greater quality and benefit. As a result, companies are investing more and more in digital transformation. This, in turn, requires more and more people who are attuned to the demands of cyberspace: speed, security, management, development, sustainability, among others.


In other words, if, on the one hand, people can work collaboratively and productively even at a distance, on the other hand, the demand for professionals capable of supporting the science behind this complex technological context has grown immensely.


As demand has increased, talent has become scarce. Many projects end up suspended or even canceled due to a lack of human resources. In an extremely competitive market, where the success or failure of a venture can be determined in a matter of days or even hours, one can soon calculate the impact of this scenario.


In fact, great hardware and software solutions are worth little without the essentials: peopleware. After all, "you can't make an omelet without eggs”.


At this point, it is important to find a technology partner that specializes in IT services and operations. An organization supported by a Group of companies historically involved in the development of product solutions in the area. An entity capable of providing high-level professional services.


Yes, it is possible to keep up with the latest innovations and at the same time support your teams as needed: through ITO Services (Information Technology Outsourcing Services). When it comes to the process and maintenance of this digital transformation, IT outsourcing services are great allies and present themselves as the best, safest, and most cost-effective solution.


These are services that propose a comprehensive IT technology partnership, from infrastructure and development to maintenance and support, through specialized software engineering teams. Therefore, it is an asset to the core business of organizations, since with this type of technological offer, employees focus on the specific activities of the organization's business segment.


Either remotely or locally, through virtual or local meetings, ITO Services ensure companies the agility needed to keep up with the fast pace of digital transformation, as well as the knowledge of market innovations. The strategic use of ITO services represents a competitive differential that managers cannot leave aside, especially when it comes to business.



Absorbing technological advances can be simpler and more profitable than one might think.


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Orlando Bissacot | Chief Technology Officer OZONO

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