13 okt, 2022

The revolution in sports has arrived: understand how technology contributes to sports management


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Do you know how technological tools can be the key to an effective administration of so many elements that make up a club, as well as to transparency in the relationships with the stakeholders involved?

Most of the challenges of any sports organization start from a common base: the correct management of data and information.

This information often already exists, but is dispersed and poorly structured, whether in files, on websites, or on paper. To the decentralization of information is added the problem of the time needed to find the desired data.

Do you know how technological tools can be the key to an effective administration of so many elements that make up a club, as well as to transparency in the relationships with the stakeholders involved?


This is the contribution of Technology

Today, sports managers can already count on the support of programs to automate tasks that used to take a long time to accomplish. A 360 management in the sports industry is a differential when it comes to valuing clubs and federations, besides bringing digitalization and transforming the way these institutions operate.


With the supply and quality of data, technology contributes to agility and transparency in sports, so that managers know how to make the best decisions. This transparent data management brings centralized digital solutions to facilitate the daily routine of the club's management staff, such as physical managers, athletes, referees, fans, among other relevant publics.


Therefore, much more than a technological tool, this type of solution can contribute to the construction of solid relationships with strategic publics.



Raw data vs. interpreted data

It is essential that there is a point of convergence between what is received in raw form and how the information is interpreted for the benefit of the organization.


The change from a spreadsheet, with an almost daily and manual update need, to a "turnkey" software, with structured and organized information is, at this moment, unavoidable and transversal to the different performance units.


Whether it is ticketing data, registration of teams and athletes, management of results of the games and of all the intervening parties, whether they are referees, delegates, or infrastructures, it is necessary to control several aspects and adopt a complete and simplified data management approach.


360 management based on cross-data is fundamental to guide decisions and the profitability of a club or federation to develop a paperless organization with digitized management.


What is the resource that can centralize all of this in one place?

Proscore, a product by ARMIS Digital Sport, aims to provide all the necessary information for sports managers. In the palm of your hand, you can analyze information such as the payroll of the organization's employees, the performance and conditioning of athletes, the engagement rate of fans in each game of a competition, and even cross-reference this and many other information to follow the best business strategy for the club or federation.


The platform is not restricted to one sport but is adaptable to the specific needs of clubs and federations of various sports, making it a scalable and adaptable solution with the ability to revolutionize the sports industry.


Technology is a great ally for success in this industry, besides bringing strategic improvements in the relationship with stakeholders and serving as a guide towards success.


Far beyond agility, digital transformation in the industry can bring a significant increase in credibility, image, and value to sports organizations.


Want to learn more about these technologies that have reshaped the future of the sports industry? Get to know Proscore and/or contact our experts.

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