18 okt, 2022

ARMIS and FEUP Inaugurated a Technological Laboratory


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Another step has been taken on the path of digital innovation. ARMIS is now FEUP Prime Affiliate.

ARMIS LAB@FEUP follows the entrance of ARMIS to the FEUP Prime program of the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP): the new laboratory was presented last Thursday afternoon, September 29th, at the Department of Computer Engineering of FEUP.


This membership and partnership aims to encourage the co-creation of knowledge and development of technologies in the area of computer engineering and also to promote innovation and competitiveness of companies in the sector, contributing to qualified scientific employment.



This laboratory will promote the development of joint research projects between ARMIS and its associated companies and FEUP that show, in an integrated way, advantages and benefits for FEUP and meet the needs of companies associated with ARMIS.


The path to digitalization can be winding, security and privacy are just some of the biggest challenges that organizations face today and with the inauguration of this laboratory, it is now possible to build a community of joint knowledge in the area of computer engineering in order to promote the practical impact of innovation in the market.


With this partnership, we get closer and closer to the scientific community and take another step towards the future and innovation. As an organization, we could not be prouder of this bet and the new projects that will arise from it.

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