Unlock the potential of efficiency and sustainability

Ylectron, the smart solution driving efficiency and sustainability. Reduce costs and minimize environmental impact with our integrated energy management platform. We model your network from production to consumption, offering a comprehensive view of each system.

Control renewable energy production and leverage artificial intelligence to control energy peaks, optimize production, and manage costs. With our automated resources such as modeling, optimization, monitoring, and operation, you achieve incredible results.


We have found a way to optimize the sustainability of organizations.

  • Monitoring

    Efficiently integrate data and equipment through SCADA, visualize the networks of all the subsystems consumed and access historical and predictive data for informed decision-making.

  • Operation

    Obtain data from systems and equipment, efficiently manage incidents, carry out optimized energy production and troubleshoot distribution problems under various environmental conditions.

  • Optimization

    Harness the power of AI for data correlation, pattern identification, network assessment and scenario proposal in production, distribution and consumption.

  • Modeling

    Maximize energy use by defining targets, modeling the network, analyzing variable impact, and creating simulation scenarios.

  • Management

    Explore data, generate metrics and reports, and unleash the power of big data, AI, and machine learning to obtain valuable information and make assertive decisions.


Unlock your potential and reduce your monthly bill by optimizing your contracts and implementing self-production and efficiency solutions.​

Enhances organizational sustainability and promotes a greener future
Efficient and environmentally conscious solution to manage energy
Cost reduction on organizations and minimization of carbon emissions

Work today thinking about tomorrow

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