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Posted in 27 Jan, 2022

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ARMIS is a company with identity, experience, competence and commitment to innovation responding to market dynamics. We value human capital and provide our employees with a dynamic and motivating work environment that is conducive to professional development and progression. We intend to recruit in the market professionals with excellent technical skills, for integration into projects, following strict selection criteria, and targeted monitoring of our customers.


We are looking for a Monitoring Engineer who will share their experiences, best practices and a collaborative attitude to help drive Monitoring Services initiatives forward.


It is necessary to communicate effectively with our development and operations team to orchestrate the creation of solutions that can scale. Responsibilities include building an automation process as well as contributing to the development of tools that serve to achieve operational efficiency.

Experience or knowledge with SaaS solutions Integrations such as Cloud (Azure and AWS), Workflow (Ansible), Databases & Apps (Oracle, MySQL, Apache Tomcat), ITSM Tool (Jira) Others such as but not limited to (Coralogix, Datadog, Grafana, Prometheus, Kibana, LogicMonitor, Nagios) and Mainframe (Control-M, IBM z/ OS).

This team will be responsible for creating, removing and maintaining alerts and monitoring events for databases, Network & Security, Cloud, System, Application and for monitoring tools themselves.



Main requirements and responsibilities: 

  • Experience with the delivery of a SaaS product;
  • Design and implement secure automation solutions for development, test and production environments;
  • Build and implement automation, monitoring and analytics solutions;
  • Manage continuous integration and delivery to maximise efficiency;
  • Implement best practices for system management and configuration;
    Develop and maintain solutions for system monitoring/data backup, disaster recovery and security/performance monitoring;
  • Continuously evaluate existing systems and make recommendations for improvement.



Technical requirements: 

  • Understanding of system administration in Linux environments;
  • Strong knowledge of configuration management tools;
  • Familiarity with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI;
  • Proficiency in scripting languages including Bash, Python and JavaScript;
  • Knowledge of tools such as Ansible, Puppet and Jenkins Pipeline;
  • Understanding of machine learning;
  • API implementation integrations.

Other requirements

  • Degree, Master's Degree or Professional Technical Course preferably in the area of Information Technology;
  • Dynamism, persistence and capacity of achievement;
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Excellent capacity for teamwork and communication;
  • Immediate availability or within a month.

We Offer

  • Challenging and dynamic work environment;
  • Integration into a team with high technical skills;
  • Integration in large dimension and visibility projects;
  • Attractive salary package according to the skills revealed.

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